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Regular Season Sign-Up deadline: May 15th, 2019 

​What is a CSA?   

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture... And it's just that! Community members show their support of local farms by signing up for CSA shares, a.k.a. "memberships", and taking on the inherent risks of farming, and inherent benefits, with the farmers themselves. Together we get to experience healthier landscapes, eat nutrient dense food, build relationships with our community, and help sustain the livelihood of our local economy. We offer both Summer and Fall CSAs.

How does it work?

When you sign up for our CSA, you pay for your share of goods in advance, in Spring, when farmers need financial aid the most. In return, you get a steady, constant supply of fresh produce throughout the season. It's like pre-paying for all of your fresh groceries at the beginning of the year, and getting your groceries spread out through the season. There are a few perks for both sides in this situation: farmers get money at the time of year they need it the most, and patrons get to take advantage of the bounty of a good season- if the farm has a good year, the farm passes on the bounty to its members! 

What is a Market-Style CSA?

At Squashington, we don't want you to feel like you have to take something you don't want, or know you won't use. So instead of offering pre-boxed CSA shares, we offer a "market-style pick up" where members come to us (at the farm or at the Elver Park Farmers Market) and physically pick out their produce each week. We will have a menu board written up to inform you how many items or how many pounds to take off of each table. 

Community Connections

We are proud of our endorsement by the FairShare CSA Coalition! This means that our CSA members will be able to apply for the Healthcare Rebate with participating area HMOs. FairShare also offers an amazing program called Partner Shares where families who qualify can receive up to half of the cost of a CSA membership! They are able to accept SNAP benefits (EBT, Quest, Food Share or Food Stamps) as payments. Partner Shares are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please apply early! Click on the highlighted links for more information. Squashington also accepts a Flexible Payment Option (see below). Our members who feel like contributing to the local food cause can make donations to FairShare when they sign up for our CSA. 


Flexible Payments​:  If you'd like to pay via installments, we will be happy to accept a series of predated checks that we can cash throughout the season. For example, if you want a Full Share, you could pay us $100 in Spring, and give us five checks for $100/ea and one check for $50 that we would cash-in accordingly. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

From Our Members

"The ability to walk around the farm and visit the animals when we pick up is a huge part of our satisfaction and happiness with Squashington. We have a 1yo and a 3yo and a short adventure to visit the pigs after picking up our share is delightful for us. (Mid-week adventures that don't take a ton of time are hard to come by for two working parents -- you're making our lives easier in more ways than one!)" -2017 CSA Member

"My favorite thing about being a CSA member is having a constant stream of inspiration for cooking fresh, healthy, plant-based meals. Sarah and Pat include awesome recipes in their weekly emails and I look forward to trying something new after every pickup." - 2018 CSA Member