Pastured Pork

Our Pork

We raise heritage, pastured pork. 

The taste and quality are unparalleled, and being able to work with our animals' natural talents to benefit the land is logical. 

This year, we raised six, mixed breed hogs. They were Red Wattle/Berkshire/Hereford/Big Black/Mangalitsa mutts. Each of them looked quite unique, and all of them were curious, rowdy, and gregarious. 

Our pigs help us with primary tillage, crop residue incorporation, and fertilizing the soil. They are moved onto fresh grass every day with our moveable, electric fence. Throughout their lives, they munch on all of our farm food wastes, pasture, Cress Spring Bakery compost, as well as several different cover crops including rye, clover and oats. They are free to root, run and romp as much as they please, and seem to particularly enjoy rolling around in mud.

We offer whole and half hogs for sale. $100 deposit is required which is put towards the total cost of the pig. We charge $4.00/# hanging weight. Our pigs typically weight in around 150-200 pounds, so you can expect to pay $600-$800 for a whole hog and $300-$400 for a half. From here, you pay the butcher for the cuts you wish.

This year, we are processing through Prem Meat's Natural Harvest. They come to us for an on-farm slaughter. We prefer this method over hauling our hogs to a butcher. Their feet never leave the grass and we can be there to make sure they are minimally stressed and treated with respect until their last breath. 

We will have select cuts available for purchase. 

Please contact us if interested.